Enkelfähig – Creating Value for Generations to Come  

Ratioform is taking the initiative and investing in a future worth living: we are supporting the Enkelfähig Initiative developed by our umbrella organisation, Haniel. Together, we are committed to creating a sustainable, socially just and economically future-oriented world for our “Enkel” – our grandchildren. The packaging industry in particular is faced with challenges here, for as yet there are no customer-friendly guidelines on sustainable packaging. That is why ratioform is taking the lead and will in future be offering its customers a clear and comprehensible rating system.   

The Enkelfähig Score – The Rating Offers These Advantages

ratioform has developed an Enkelfähig rating system for its products and services. Based on social, ecological and economic criteria, we calculate an Enkelfähig Score for each packaging solution. The Enkelfähig rating system gives customers a quick, simple and transparent insight into just how sustainable each Enkelfähig-rated product is.       

How the Enkelfähig Rating Works

First of all, a product is assessed against the absolute exclusion criteria for Enkelfähig. Next, the product is rated according to five selected Enkelfähig criteria: recyclability, climate protection, environmental compatibility, economic efficiency and innovation. The aim is to identify products and services that create value for generations to come and help to build a future worth living. Each of these criteria is evaluated and weighted. This allows us to calculate the overall score from 1 to 5.9, where any product with a score of 3.0 or above is classed as “enkelfähig”. Solutions with ratings from 1.0 to 2.9 are not “enkelfähig”, but optimisation may increase their rating.

Enkelfähig criteria are weighted differently: 

Because we focus on the ecologically most sustainable products, the criterion with the highest weighting (30 %) is “climate protection”. This is closely followed by “recyclability” and “environmental compatibility” (25 %). One point under “climate protection” will therefore have more influence on the overall rating in the Enkelfähig Score than, for instance, one point under “economic efficiency”.


This is, for us, the basis for sustainable economic development. The aim is to avoid waste entirely and put resources back into circulation. Recyclability therefore makes up 25 % of the product evaluation. For the Enkelfähig criteria, we focus on waste and consumption as well as reduction, re-use and recycling.   

Climate Protection 


Haniel is striving for an overall reduction in CO₂ of 50 % by 2025, as well as aiming to achieve the 1.5 degree goal. That is why climate protection makes up 30 % of the Enkelfähig Score, with a focus on carbon footprint, local sourcing, energy efficiency, renewable energy, light material, and avoiding CO₂-emissions.

Environmental Compatibility

The criterion of environmental compatibility makes up 25 % of the Enkelfähig product rating. This is because our aim is to restore ecosystems and biodiversity by using renewable raw materials and non-toxic materials, including from sustainable agriculture and forestry. At the same time, we aim to reduce micro-plastics and non-renewable materials.

Economic Efficiency

We must create value for generations to come – including from an entrepreneurial perspective. That is why the Enkelfähig criteria are focused on each product contributing to the development of a profitable, sustainable company: because successful products can perpetuate environmentally friendly processes and promote new investments. The criterion of economic efficiency makes up 10 % of the Enkelfähig product rating.


The future success of a company depends on its ability to create innovative solutions for its customers. At the same time, we will need innovative technologies to solve problems such as resource scarcity or the endangering of biodiversity. Giving this a 10 % weighting ensures that innovative Enkelfähig products are rated higher than older, classic products. 

Enkelfähig – The Proof is in the Packaging: Our Grass Paper Collapsible Boxes (Graspapier-Faltkartons terra)

It is their ecologically sustainable components that give these trendsetting product innovations such an excellent Enkelfähig score. Thanks to their climate-neutral manufacture and 100 % recyclability, they achieve the highest rating for climate protection and high ratings for environmental compatibility. And because they can be used for a range of different purposes, re-used and sourced for a fair price, these cartons also gain points for economic efficiency.    

The Strengths and Weaknesses of the Enkelfähig Score 

  • Provides a quick and transparent point of orientation for customers interested in sustainability.
  • Clear and comprehensible, thanks to the simple traffic-light design.
  • Nudges customers and manufacturers towards genuinely sustainable solutions.
  • Allows clear comparability across products from different categories.
  • Provides a simple calculation with a high degree of detail in the product specifications. 

  • It takes time and concentration to read. Once the details are understood, however, the overview saves further time.  
  • The Enkelfähig Score is just a first step; it is based on the empirical values of our experts and suppliers. The scoring will of course be continually honed for accuracy.  
  • The ratings are merely a point of orientation – they cannot represent every customer’s perspective. In order to protect our partners’ trade secrets, the rating system does not take into account the production process, the sourcing of raw materials, or delivery conditions.
  • Our experts are available to answer any questions you may have.

An excerpt from the Enkelfähig rated products:

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